woensdag 11 juni 2014

IoT heeft standaards nodig

In de voorbereiding van onze Smart Agrimatics conferentie, volgende week in Parijs, kwam ik een mooi citaat over Internet of Things tegen in de column Babage van The Economist, de internet editie van 28 mei:
Devising sensors and algorithms to handle the front- and back-ends of the IoT are the easy part. Unfortunately, few developers are tackling the really difficult bit in the middle—the myriad infrastructural gaps that lie between the sensors in things at the edge of the internet, and the data collection and analysis performed by servers in the cloud at the centre.

These unglamorous middleware issues of standards, interoperability, integration and data management—especially privacy and protection from malicious attack, along with product liability, intellectual-property rights and regulatory compliance—are going to take years to resolve. Only when they are will the IoT have any chance of transforming society in a meaningful way. That day is a long way off.
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