vrijdag 29 april 2016

de overheid en de data infrastructuur

Woensdag was ik in Bologna voor een EIP seminar over Benchmarking, waar veel aandacht was voor digitale data-uitwisseling. Op de terugweg las ik een special in The Economist van 26 maart 2016 over Technology and Politics. Geen wonder dat ik de volgende alinea aanstreepte (en vul voor Cities ook maar management authorities in agri in):
"Cities need to play a more active role as broker of urban data. This means more than just sharing reams of their own administrative information, as many cities around the world already do, says Anthony Townsend, a researcher at New York University and author on a book of smart cities. Muncipal governments should become the guardians of the local data ecosystem, creating a framework that encourages others to share data and offer services to citizens. They could act, for instance, as a portal for information from utilities and online firms, while also protecting privacy and ensuring that the algorithms used do not discriminate against particular groups of people".
Soms krijg je de tekst voor rapporten wel erg simpel aangereikt.
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