dinsdag 22 september 2015

innovaties en uitvindingen

Morgen help ik mensen van DG Agri te ontvangen in de Hoekse Waard, en praten we over innovatiebeleid. Mooie aanleiding om een alinea te citeren uit een special report van The Economist over de rol van bedrijfsleven in China (12.9.2015): "The government could help boost innovations,for example by ensuring a sound legal framework and functioning financial markets, but has until now failed to do so. Instead it is overreacting in unhelpful ways. That is partly because it is confusing innovation with invention, which involves lots of research spending, patents and engineers. Innovation may or may not involve those things, but it is essential to an economy's wellbeing. Simply put, it is fresh thinking that creates value in the market. It may not require new technologies but simply the adaptation of products and business models from one industry or market to another."
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